Living Mindfully
Surrey, British Columbia 
Living Mindfully

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"I attended an "Early Life Experiences, Nature/Nurture" presentation last fall, 2015.  Dr. Linda Uyeda, a very gifted speaker with a wealth of knowledge, spoke.  The focus was mindfulness and self regulation; improving our health as we learn to deal with stress and anxiety in our lives. 
The two and a half hour information session was extremely interesting and most informative.  I have been in the Surrey School District for many years, and have attended many helpful workshops/presentations.  This presentation with Dr. Uyeda was extremely meaningful.  The material enhanced my understanding of brain functioning and would be material helpful for both counsellors/educators and parents.  The depth of information was made clear through the use of powerpoint together with her informal manner. 
I would highly recommend Dr. Uyeda.  Yes, I would definitely attend another of her workshops!" 
Surrey School District Counsellor
  1. Mindfulness
    Why do I keep hearing about mindfulness and what can it do for me?
  2. Evidence Based and Mindful Parenting
    Do different parenting styles lead to better mental and physical health?
  3. Stress Reduction - Why it is important to you
    * at work * at school * at home
  4. The Mind-Body Connection Unearthed
    Learn how our thoughts influence our minds and bodies